Archive: September 2010

So cute! And by the way, this dog has the most awesome name. [via]

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CNN reporting about the most important news in the media right now. Video embedded below.

Last Anchor Standing from 5-Second Films on Vimeo. Every once in a while 5 Second Films puts out a video that’s so random that I just have to post it here.

Exit Through The Gift Shop from nappyafro on Vimeo. Heh, I don’t expect this to be online for very long, but if you haven’t seen the incredible film Exit Through The Gift Shop, you can now watch it for free thanks to somebody on Vimeo. The DVD is kind of hard to come by so […]

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When the Nintendo DS Lite came out, I believe it was priced at around $130. Depending on where you bought it, you could get it as little as $110 (I think that’s how much I bought it for). So why in the world is the Nintendo 3DS (a handheld gaming system that is arguably only […]