Archive: May 2011

Jonas Bevacqua, co-founder of streetwear apparel brand LRG was found dead in his apartment today; he was 33. LRG was probably one of the first brands I remember discovering when I first discovered this whole streetwear/urban apparel scene. Their collaborations stood out among others mainly because they always seemed to come out with great looking […]

These types of chases don’t normally last very long, but this one in particular which took place at Cork Airport in Ireland lasted at least 15 minutes. And in that 15-minute timeframe, an SUV was stolen, cops were chased, a huge-ass firetruck was called (and chased), and the rest of the police force was called […]


Ok, let’s face it, after watching this video below, I have concluded that I know little to nothing about so-called “jellyfish”. I hope I never meet most of these guys, but man are they beautiful to watch on video! [via]

Filmed about 5100 feet below the ocean surface, this group of deep-sea spider crabs have found a dead jelly to feast on! OCEAN SNACK TIME!

Jeff Gurwin enlisted the help of TATSCRU to paint a mural asking his 27-year-old girlfriend Caitlin Fitzsimons (spelling?) to marry him. The mural can be seen on Avenue A and 2nd Street in NYC.

It’s a dance-off with a very unusual ending. Directed by Patrick Boivin for Pascal Blais Animation Studio! Thanks Neatorama!