Over the last couple of months I’ve had the lucky opportunity to sort of test-ride a brand-new bike venture from a few friends here in NYC. You’ve probably seen hints of it here and there on various blogs (and here too) and for the most part I’ve sort of kept a bit silent about the company while I rode their product around. I was hoping they’d launch a bit sooner to catch the summer wave but setup and various detail hold-ups delayed their official public launch. Now, I’m happy to report that just about everything they’ve worked so hard on in the last year [and more] has come to completion.

I present to you, Strada Customs, a new one-stop bike shop that will sell you your own custom-creation for just $449 (including shipping!). The company fashions itself on the back of the huge fixed-gear scene spreading like wildfire everywhere, although they also offer a single-speed freewheel version on all of their builds (it’s a flip-flop hub after all). Through their custom builder you get to choose everything from frame color down to the chain color, each with a selection I’m sure you’ll find satisfactory to your liking.

The folks at Strada are able to keep their prices down because of the use of generic parts. But don’t let that turn you off. I’m told these parts are fashioned from the same molds as many more expensive parts that are really just expensive because of branding. And judging from first-hand experience, I can attest to that fact. While there were some things that I chose to upgrade on my own separately — like wheels and pedals and straps — the majority of the parts on my bike I left as is because they were good enough to ride and comfortable enough to not be a bother.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this ride and I’ve been finding myself riding it more and more. Head on over to the Strada website to start configuring your own.

Click inside to see a video of the bikes made by Karmaloop TV and also check out some more images after the jump.