There are a couple of songs I have in my music library that really remind me of certain things, people, and places. For example, Anberlin’s “Foreign Language” reminds me of Melanie; Jimmy Eat World’s “Big Casino” reminds me of late nights at the computer lab at RMIT; and Mat Kearney reminds me of Oregon and Florence.

It’s hard to call a song early on what it might mean to me later on down the road, but I have a feeling already that when I think back on this song — even though it’s not new in any way to my music collection — that I will think about my flight from San Francisco to NY during the summer fo 2011. There’s so much heart in the lyrics to this song and when you mix it all in with the infectious and repetitive melody, it becomes a certified hit in my book!

Maybe hope
will buy us another day
and time
will fix what I can’t erase
But it all
feels millions of miles away
And I
don’t think I’ll get there anyway

Can you change my thoughts around?
And I pray you’ll stay for now
Can you save what’s breaking down?

Just see me through the fight

If you want to see a live performance of this hidden MUTEMATH gem, click here.