Archive: November 2011

If you download the latest preview version of Spotify, you can now enjoy the newest addition to Spotify — APPS! The best music app just got a whole lot better and more fun!!

Martin Scorsese directed this spot for Bleu de Chanel fragrance for men. I don’t get it. Help me. [via]


This is the Moshi Moshi MM03i bluetooth handset and iPhone dock. It is a $150 desktop handset for your phone with the archaic feel of an actual landline handset. Sure, it’s more expensive and more uncomfortable than a decent bluetooth ear piece, but hey, novelty comes at a high price!


How awesome is this fishscape fish bowl? It’s got a mountain in the middle that’s made from the glass that the bowl is made out of!


I know it’s sort of cheesy, but I would really like this skateboard mirror for my room. It’s $180 though.