Archive: December 1, 2011

This would make a nice Christmas gift: The Sriracha T-shirt for $13. Each shirt is hand screen printed and made to order and available in Small to XXLarge sizes.


Pwahahahahaha! Karmaloop is trying so hard to sell this Geometric Blanket Poncho as a “cool” vintage item. Even for $46.99 it’s a ripoff. Seriously, when will anybody wear this?


Look at the graphic above. You see that? That’s a visual representation of the time zone differences between NYC, London, and Sydney in a span of 3 weeks which happens twice every year during the switchover from and to Daylight Saving Time. As C.G.P. Grey explains so eloquently in the video below, DST is sort […]

I love the way C.G.P. Grey explains things. I mostly agree with his argument that the US Penny needs to be retired. [via]

If I wasn’t told that this commercial was filmed entirely on a sound stage in LA, I would have never thought that Jennifer Lopez didn’t actually go to the Bronx to film this Fiat 500 spot. But it’s true. I guess she’s never returning to the block.


The complete 4 deck Bicycle Heritage cards just got added to my collection. These cards are quite beautiful and each deck represents a point of time in history when Bicycle cards were issued in a different back design. From what I’ve read, the Cupid back was first printed in 1894, the Emblem back was printed […]