Archive: December 4, 2011

Sergio Albiac asked filmmaker Randall Okita to paint a moving and interactive portrait of himself using brushes loaded with memories and feelings rather than colors. It sounds weird at first, but the end product works quite beautifully.


Downtown Chicago is now home to the world’s largest fries, courtesy of McDonald’s and Leo Burnett. Like NYC’s Tribute In Lights, the giant McDonald’s billboard features several beams of yellow lights pointing up to the sky. It’s quite a neat visual in the middle of downtown.

Using information fed into Processing, the folks at Foursquare were able to visualize a week’s worth of checkins as they hit their 1 billionth checkin a few months ago.

Artist Leo Villareal is proposing this fantastic light installation on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to commemorate the bridge’s 75th anniversary. The light display, if installed, will be made up of 30,000 LED lights strung across the span of the bridge and will stay there until sometime 2013. I hope this happens! [via]

I love Kenny Scharf’s work! I wish I was at Art Basel in Miami to see this in person! 98 Thompson is down there right now. I hope they are enjoying everything they can!