Archive: December 6, 2011

Finding a decent video of any of the performances at Kollaboration NY 2011 is surprisingly hard, especially since I saw a gazillion people shooting video that night with more than adequate equipment. Oh well, I suppose I’m happy with what’s been uploaded so far — this video here and this video which I just posted. […]

The sound isn’t perfect, but here I am playing drums for Cheryl Chin at Kollaboration NY 2011 on September 29, 2011. Accompanying her is Simon Yung on guitar and Jae Ko on bass.

I like this engagement video. It’s different and refreshing!


Not sure if this is going to be a permanent thing, or whether uses will have the option to go back to the lighter Photoshop skin, but it looks like a preview of the upcoming Photoshop CS6 is getting a new and darker look.

Miguel Endara drew a portrait of his father called “Hero” completely out of dots. I don’t know how they kept count, but in the end they said that there were 3.2 million ink dots on paper. That’s crazy!