Archive: December 8, 2011

Colin Stetson is miked not only on his saxophone but also around his throat and at unusual spots on the saxophone itself. He’s doing what Minnow says is “circular breathing”, a combination of breathing in and out without stopping for big breaths of air. Craziest sax solo I’ve ever seen. Can Bill Clinton do this?

No worries, they are made locally so it’s easy to replace if they’re broken during shipping. PIECE. OF. CAKE. [via]

OH YES! Australian comedian Chris Lilley has a new mockumentary TV show out called Angry Boys. He plays all of the main characters. If you’ve seen his other mockumentary TV shows, you’ll be familiar with Daniel and Nathan Sims (the twin boys, one of whom is deaf). They appear in this show too.

“Looking nauseous”. That’s the look I’ve been trying to pinpoint about Kristen Stewart ever since I first saw her on screen!

Stunt driver Terry Grant does some incredible vehicular moves in this Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde over 2500 water balloons.