Archive: December 17, 2011

This bike can change the height of the rider without the rider having to stop and make any adjustments. [via]


Wow, this case is pretty cool. Gizmodo says there’s rumor floating around that this will become a real product in the next few weeks. If so, I’m getting one. UPDATE: You can now get the VANS iPhone Waffle Sole Grip Case on Amazon!


I gotta say, Facebook Timeline is pretty amazing. It started rolling out to all users this past week and I’ve been very impressed with it so far. It’s really nothing new since it’s all the information I uploaded to Facebook in the timespan that I’ve been a Facebook user, but what makes this part of […]

Can somebody tell me why FedEx trucks don’t look like this in real life?

This song is great. I found it on the ultimate Spotify Radio station based on the song “88 MPH” by Le Matos.