Archive: December 22, 2011

The “God-mother of graffiti” Martha Cooper is featured in this Here Comes The Neighborhood video about photographing the Wynwood Walls in Miami. I’ve never seen these walls in person, but this community looks like it’d be great to walk through. Thanks Yelena!

Somebody opened their Christmas presents early. Good thing too, because these puppies would have died in those boxes waiting until Sunday.

A great behind-the-scenes video found over at fstoppers on how Monday Night Football is produced from beginning to end. Lots of interesting tech is discussed (like how they record their time on air directly to their iPads for viewing later) and how they prep for different parts of the program.

The Paris Center for Architecture and Urbanism: Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal asked Google to build a massive 40 square meter display consisting of 48 screens so that the museum could show off what Paris would look like in 2020 using Google Earth. Here’s a time-lapse of the display being built.