Archive: December 24, 2011

This video currently only has 411 views on YouTube so I’m going to help it out. It’s rare that I’ll call a truck good looking, but man just take a look at this new 2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros. I wish American trucks looked like this.


Jake Dyson designed the CSYS LED task light as one of the most expensive desk lamps you can buy. At more than $850 USD, the CSYS LED task light incorporates efficient cooling technology in the stem to ensure that the bulb sustains a life-span up to its intended rating.

Rollerman Jean-Yves Blondeau dons his suit of wheels and does what he does best — ROLL AROUND. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Where do I get a job writing copy?


Give the gift of great looking playing cards this holiday and also help provide safe and clean drinking water to those who don’t have access to it at the same time. With Theory11′s Charity: Water playing cards, you’ll know that all $10 for these cards will be donated to the organization by the same name […]


The cards themselves aren’t as beautiful, but man is the box for the new Bicycle Steampunk deck gorgeous!

Using sounds from the old-school Windows Pinball game, this building facade is turned into a giant pinball game called Urban Flipper. It’s not a pre-programmed 3D projection…it’s actually playable.