Archive: December 26, 2011

I’m reading about this Quirky product called Scoop that’s basically a spreading knife and a spoon scooper all in one. While I personally never find myself in need of a 2-in-1 product like this for scooping cream cheese, peanut butter, or the like, I do find it pretty neat that somebody has created such a […]


Oh, I almost forgot. There’s a free photobooth at Kiehl’s. Take all the photos you want. They come out in a rectangle 4-frame print rather than a strip.


The Kiehl’s Meatpacking store currently has a neat neon sign wall that really makes the store an eye-catcher at night. The signs illuminate ingredients found in various Kiehl’s products and they’re all written in different ways to make them all stand out from each other. I would love something like this in my room.

The entertainment industry is obsessed with movies and songs about celebrities wishing they were out of the business. Marion Cotillard stars in this latest one from Dior. Thanks Joyce! Here’s the making-of video.


The mishmash of typefaces here kinda takes away from the quote itself, but here’s an artistic version of Steve Jobs’ 1997 quote which has gone on to inspire generations of individuals. [via]

I’m not a big gamer so I don’t know if this has already been done in another video game, but I just got word that EA’s Real Racing 2 allows you to drive and control the entire game from your iPhone while the game itself plays on your computer. For $12.99, that seems like it’s […]