Archive: December 29, 2011

Check out this video from Paul Stone that talks with Lyle Owerko author of The Boombox Project, a book that treats vintage boomboxes as photographic subjects.

So one of the things in that “weird facts about Kim Jong-il” post I made just now was that he had kidnapped a South Korean filmmaker and forced him to make this movie called Pulgasari that’s basically a ripoff of Godzilla. The film has Kim Jong-il in the credits as the producer. If you’re interested […]

Just came across this video of Walt Disney Imagineering engineers and artists creating the moving Ursula character at Disney California Adventure Park. I’ve never been here, but this looks like a truly convincing animatronic character. It’s pretty amazing.

This is rather interesting. Delta Airlines stuffed 6 video cameras into a check-in luggage and put it through the usual route on a trip from Atlanta to New York just to see what it’s like for a bag to go through the whole sorting process once its left your hands.