Photo via Mighty Sweet

I got the chance to stop in at Mikey’s Burger today down in the LES. The place is started by Michael Bao Huynh of Baoguette fame. While they don’t serve anything like Vietnamese sandwiches here, they do cook up a mean burger.

The Mikey’s Burger (pictured below) was cooked just right with the patty still left juicy and a bit red. The burger was topped with small squares of corned beef, mustard, and onions and is best served with a side of fries (order separately).

Another menu selection to try if you aren’t into the beef patties is the Fish sandwich. The filet is superb and I’d say probably more tasty than the already delicious burger. I’m torn between which is better because honestly, they’re both absolutely tasty. A highly recommended cheap eat if you’re down in the LES!