I’ve posted about Corter Leather before (a few times actually), but after a reader wrote in about a bad experience with the company I had to make sure that other readers weren’t being taken for a ride despite the great looking products made by the company. I made a note on all Corter Leather-related posts about the company and advised readers to use their better judgement when ordering.

Corter Leather has responded to the bad customer service claims and I believe they truly are working to resolve all issues from here on out. I’ve always thought they made truly beautiful leather goods and with the business being run by a one-man operation it’s understandable that some things will fall through the cracks.

Please read this:

Email response time can take 1-2 weeks due to workload. If your email can be answered in the FAQ’s, it will not be responded to (so check them first!) For the fastest response to small questions, please use Twitter (or Facebook, but that is checked less frequently). Those are the quickest ways to contact me!

So there you have it. Problems resolved and like all small businesses doing good things, go support this guy!