Archive: October 1, 2012

Forged in the hills of Tuscany by the Berti knife company and sure as hell to rob you of a good chunk of money.

This little video creation is a straight-up masterpiece. If you prefer the real video, here it is.

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What would famous people look like if they were “corgified”? What’s that? Well, if their legs were shrunk down to a relatively corgi-like scale. They’d look weird and hilarious.


What if Yoda was more human/flesh-colored? Artist Andrea Eusebi shows us what he’d be like! [via]


Reading Suburban Nation is completely changing my perception of every single city I’ve ever been to. So many things that I’ve always wondered about civic design are laid out clearly in this book and so many cities that I love (NYC, Hong Kong, Melbourne, San Francisco) are fantastic followers of the “best practices” explained in […]

Hard to tell what the hell is going on here, but if David Cho is going to draw The Punisher for The Hundreds, sure, why not?