Archive: October 3, 2012
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I missed the first 2012 Presidential Debates in Denver, but thankfully the New York Times has the whole video up.

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I first heard about Galco’s from a video I posted back in September of 2009. I’ve always wanted to go here and see the place firsthand and today I did. It is a dream for anybody who loves beer and soda. Bottle after bottle line the rows, each different from the other in shape, size, […]


I really want a leather sleeve like this. But damn MAKR, you really did price this at $200!


I don’t fit the description of a soccer mom, but regardless I still feel the same way as the woman below who wrote to the architects of her neighborhood to voice concerns that her American dream wasn’t quite so. Dear Architects: I am a mother of four children who are not able to leave the […]