Archive: October 3, 2012
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I missed the first 2012 Presidential Debates in Denver, but thankfully the New York Times has the whole video up.

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I first heard about Galco’s from a video I posted back in September of 2009. I’ve always wanted to go here and see the place firsthand and today I did. It is a dream for anybody who loves beer and soda. Bottle after bottle line the rows, each different from the other in shape, size, […]


I really want a leather sleeve like this. But damn MAKR, you really did price this at $200!


I don’t fit the description of a soccer mom, but regardless I still feel the same way as the woman below who wrote to the architects of her neighborhood to voice concerns that her American dream wasn’t quite so. Dear Architects: I am a mother of four children who are not able to leave the […] has closed!

As you may have guessed by the lack of updates lately, has taken an indefinite hiatus and will no longer be updated.

It’s been a wonderful few years but Herman has ultimately decided to only maintain his personal site,

You can close this window and continue to browse the archives or you can continue on to Herman Yung’s personal website.

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