Archive: October 5, 2012

I just realized I’ve never posted this official music video for Santigold’s hit single “Disparate Youth”. This song brings me straight back to New York Summer because it was one of the last songs I kept on repeat before moving out here to the West Coast. Here’s a funny fact: I used to envision videos […]

GOD NO! This app is awesome, but I highly discourage you from lugging around an iPad as your main camera. It’s a terrible idea.

These ducks were basically hoarded from birth and have never been in water. But after a group of folks took them in and saved them, it was time for their first swim. Only, it took a bit more convincing than anybody would have thought.

I actually don’t care much for the review itself as I know these GoPro cameras hold up on their own (best action sports camera there is!). What I really loved was the fast-paced scenes of Hong Kong. How I miss this place!