Archive: October 11, 2012

Just discovered this guy’s YouTube channel and it’s filled with gems like this one above.

Steven Johnson’s argument that the role of coffee houses and the uptick in coffee drinking fueled society during the age of enlightenment because society suddenly went from a depressant (alcohol) to a stimulant. Essentially, society stopped being drunk and thought of good things.

Steven Johnson’s talk related to his book, Everything Bad is Good for You: How Today’s Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter. A fantastic read by the way if you need a good book to pick up!


A bizarre story coming out of Pompano Beach, Florida where a giant and mysterious eyeball presumably from a sea creature washed ashore. Nobody knows what sea creature it’s from. But geez, it’s the size of a fist! It’d be funny if it wasn’t an eyeball and it was in fact a toy (like this story […]

I never had to try this myself, but I believe the video above which shows that putting duct tape over a person’s mouth essentially does little to keep them quiet. What about duct tape handcuffs? [via]