Archive: October 15, 2012

Photo: Florida Fish and Wildife Remember that giant and mysterious eyeball that washed up on shore in Florida? It belongs to a swordfish which experts believe was removed (cut out) from a caught fish and discarded in the sea. I’m surprised no other animal ate it.


These are preliminary shots and not final, but if you want a good look at what the Lunatik TAKTIK iPhone 5 case is going to be like, here it is! Taller and with a smaller USB charging cable slot.

I took 1 photo of my bed every day for the last 25 days. I’m still doing this daily on Instagram. By the way, this fabulous video is available in 1080p. Heh.

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The video takes a while to get going, but be sure to take some time and watch this video from Engadget about a new surface treatment called SLIPS (Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface) that can basically repel any liquid applied to it (oil, spray paint, water, liquid cement, etc.). The treatment was inspired by the Nepenthes […]