Archive: November 1, 2012

This is so awesome. Look at all of the gadgets and objects they have on hand to make sounds from!

You know, I never really thought about this, but it’s true, nobody really knows what dinosaurs sounded like. But I bet when most people think of dinosaurs making sounds, they hear the sounds made for the film Jurassic Park (which are explained in quite some detail in the video above). [via]

Cult of Mac has video proof that the 4th generation iPad’s 12W charger does indeed charge an iPad about 30-45 minutes faster than the previous 10W model.

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics has created CIROS, a robot that can make you a salad if your lunch break is about 2 hours long. [via]

If there’s one video that makes Mitt Romney look like he doesn’t care about what other people are saying, here it is. [via] has closed!

As you may have guessed by the lack of updates lately, has taken an indefinite hiatus and will no longer be updated.

It’s been a wonderful few years but Herman has ultimately decided to only maintain his personal site,

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