Archive: November 6, 2012

It goes without saying that I would want to post this speech. Still looking for an upload of Romney’s concession speech (I think that’s important to remember too).

This man is mad funny when he explains how easy it is (for him at least) to count numbers. Makes me wonder what pundits were doing or looking at up until the last two elections.


Screengrab taken from Huffington Post’s 2012 Election Results page You mathematicians and statisticians out there will tell me that this can be done by anyone, but the fact that it wasn’t done by more people who call themselves pollsters is alarming — but also good news for one man. Nate Silver, the man behind the […]


This, my friends, is exactly what has been running through my head as of late. Anybody who wants to move to California and states “good weather” as the main reason is going to really be in for a big surprise. It’s a great place, but definitely not because of the weather. It is difficult to […]