Archive: November 12, 2012

Louis Vuitton Presents : Craftsmen on wheels from Louis Vuitton on Vimeo. Director Jonathan Leder gives us a video of Louis Vuitton’s luxury bike polo collection. [via]

SWIMMER from Natasha Braier on Vimeo. Stop what you’re doing today for just 5 minutes and watch this film by Lynne Ramsay commissioned by the 2012 London Olympics committee.

GIZMODO – Nokia Lumia 920 from Gizmodo on Vimeo. This phone and its operating system are so beautiful.


Underconsideration has posted detailed photos of the fantastic looking 2011 Brand New Awards book. It’s got a bright red laser-cut cover and consists of 242 pages of wonderful and prize-winning brand designs and redesigns. You can purchase the book for $34.99 here!