Archive: November 28, 2012
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The Disney Pixar Blog (one of my favorite Tumblr’s by the way) just posted a series of posts about the Pizza Planet truck appearing in every single Pixar film since Toy Story. It’s an easter egg that’s always fun to look out for when watching a Pixar film. One of the things I never noticed […]


I am very curious to see how well this works. If you are too, you can pick one up for $25 at ThinkGeek.

WALLA.B : KIM BUM JIN from WALLA.B on Vimeo. I really wish I had a friend who would film me riding my bike like this.

Dueling Hats from Peter Atencio on Vimeo. If you wear a fitted with all the tags still on it, this is what you look like to everyone else.

What the Tree Remembers, the Axe Forgets from Dark Rye on Vimeo. A beautiful video and story of the guys behind Best Made Co. (one of my favorite brands at the moment) and how they use the tools they make in a place called Lumberland, NY.