Archive: December 1, 2012

CoSPACE CoCREATE | HK Farm: Community from Thomas Lee on Vimeo. Watch this and see how a group of young transplant creatives are being inspired by the food, people, and community in Hong Kong and in turn are starting a rooftop farm initiative to benefit their city.

WALLA.B : MOON SEO WOO from WALLA.B on Vimeo. Great video, I just wish it wasn’t filmed on a potato.


A set of beautiful surfboards from Almond Surfboards & Designs in Newport Beach, CA. That’s where Arrested Development is filmed! Haha.

The Real Thing from Union HZ on Vimeo. A beautifully filmed video about Bodie Stroud and his team who built and re-built a 1969 Ford Mustang with an extremely rare motor made specifically for Mario Andretti’s 1969 Can Am series car. In short, a super-powerful engine in an already sleek car.

External world (1.0) from epokhe on Vimeo. Wherever this is filmed, it’s gorgeous. I want to go here.