The Dia: Beacon, a museum gallery in Beacon, NY, has instantly become one of my favorite spots in NY after I was able to go today for the very first time. The Dia: Beacon sits on a beautiful plot of land formerly used as either a printing factory or a Kraft/Nabisco manufacturing facility (depending on who you ask). The place is absolutely gorgeous (my quick snaps don’t do it justice…they don’t allow photography) and it resides right next to the Hudson River and in the heart of the Hudson Valley region.

It’s huge and spacious — something that I think is rare for other museums and galleries in NYC who often try to cram as much as they can in as little space as possible.

If you would like to go, the Metro North goes there and you can buy a train ticket plus gallery entry ticket combo. Or you can drive there too. Whichever way you choose, be sure to just get yourself there because it is spectacular.

More photos inside.