Archive: December 1, 2012

Mobile Farm Coming Soon from Glenn Eugen Ellingsen on Vimeo. Man, I really miss this city. In the meantime, I really love keeping up with my friends at HK Farm and seeing all the awesome things that they’re doing.

Memory By Design from Nathan Punwar on Vimeo. Director Nathan Punwar made this short film about 3 women who each have their own way of remembering and recording their lives. The video plays back a bit like a broken tape which I think is the best part about this.

Weekly Address: Urging Congress to Extend the Middle Class Tax Cuts from The White House on Vimeo. I love that President Obama is doing this video in a toy factory in Pennsylvania.


The Dia: Beacon, a museum gallery in Beacon, NY, has instantly become one of my favorite spots in NY after I was able to go today for the very first time. The Dia: Beacon sits on a beautiful plot of land formerly used as either a printing factory or a Kraft/Nabisco manufacturing facility (depending on […]

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Since opening its doors on Bowery in 2007 I’ve always wanted to visit the New Museum. I’ve never been to any of its previous locations nor seen any of the work exhibited inside so I was a bit curious and excited to go. Maybe I just don’t have the eye or heart for this sort […]