Archive: December 2, 2012

From what I gather, it’s often harder than it seems to make robots mimic natural human movement. This hand however is capable of most of the natural hand movements a normal human can make. Watch it grab, pull, lift, and gently caress a bunch of objects in this video above. [via] Androids coming soon hopefully?

This robot isn’t fooling any real sea turtles in the ocean any time soon, but hey, at least it can swim! [via] Here’s a video of it out of the water.


The Black Diamond Magnetron GridLock Carabiner was recently tested by Gizmodo on video (see below). But I don’t see any link to a write-up of how it performs. Obviously it holds up some weight in the video they posted, but I’d like to know specifics! Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner Test from Gizmodo on Vimeo. Magnetron […]

Timelapse: une araignée tisse sa toile from Jean-Michel on Vimeo. A time-lapse of a spider spinnig a web. This is 1 and a half hours of shooting with a picture taken every 4 seconds on a Nikon D4.

8bar FIXED ALPCROSS Teaser – 4days x 4riders x 400km x 4.000m from 8bar BIKES on Vimeo. This looks like a great adventure. The full video comes out later this year. But really what caught my eye was that giant windmill/turbine.


I love this bag that I picked up the other day from L.L. Bean’s Signature line. It’s waxed canvas (my all-time favorite material) and features a full leather-bottom. For $150, it’s a steal.