Archive: December 3, 2012

DESTROY BIKES from CARLDOLATRE on Vimeo. Neat behind the scenes video on how Destroy makes their bikes here in the USA.

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The answer: They are emergency “Code Red” signals to alert police that the driver of the cab is in danger or feels threatened. I’ve always wondered what these little orange lights were because I see them on a lot of cabs but I never see them lit up! It’s like a panic button at a […]

For no reason except to post a video of chow chows doing their thing.


Best Made Co. Elkskin Mitts – $82 Poler Napsack – $130 William Eggleston Chromes (3-book set) – $345 1960s IBM 13.5″ Standard Issue Clock – $235 New York Nights by James and Karla Murray – $40 These neon Caran D’Ache ballpoint pens. – $20 each. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition – $399 Low Pursuit Bicycle – […]


I had no idea Nintendo made this. And look at it! It’s a bit wider on the right side just so they could fit the giant Pikachu cutout there.


To go along with the Rainier National Park blanket, here are four National Park mugs for you to have your choice of beverage in. They are $20 each, but I wish they were cheaper if you bought them as a set of 4.