Archive: December 9, 2012

That 8-bit playing card deck I posted earlier has been 100% funded and for a very limited time only you can modify your current pledge and get additional gold edition decks! Just put mine in!

That bit about the farthest distance you can be from anything on Earth is pretty interesting.


Tomorrow I am on a hunt to buy every single issue of Smith Journal out so far. It’s been my favorite magazine to peruse since finding out about it in Melbourne and it’s kind of a shame that it’s not carried in more stores here in the US (so far I only know of 1 […]

I played my first shuffleboard in Pryor, Oklahoma earlier this year and it’s definitely a fun thing to have around. The game itself takes up a lot of space so it’s rare to find it at most places I go to, but I’d love to have one in my future home.

I pass by this place often and it always looks so busy and cozy inside. I don’t have hair to cut so I’ve never been in, but this short video from Thrashlab covers the bases pretty well.