Archive: December 10, 2012

Photo: Reuters/China Daily Well that was quick and unfortunate. It turns out that the stubborn house in China that highway planners built around has gotten demolished.

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Remember that KONGA bike photo I posted earlier? The bike was being photographed while being held up but a slender metal bike stand. I had no info on the bike stand itself, but a reader points out that it’s most likely this one made by Giant selling for $31.99. It’s currently out of stock though […]

Disguised as a pseudo School of Rock video, but listen closely, this is definitely not. [via]


Google’s Chrome Web Lab is a neat website that uses the absolute best and newest web technologies via the Chrome web browser. You can interact with real-life objects all over the world through their interface and creation some works of art too. This is all done to show off the amazing things you can do […]

If you’ve forgotten, Austyn Gillette is the same guy who is featured in one of my favorite skate videos ever, QUIK.