Archive: December 11, 2012

On my last night in NYC, I am listening to this song a lot. It reminds me a lot about my past and it feels oddly appropriate to be the soundtrack for the future.


BIG NEWS AND GOOD NEWS FOR ME: Virgin America will start flying to and out of Newark Airport. Flights will go to SF and LA at first (beginning April 2nd) and right now you can snag some seats on these inaugural flights! SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I?


I first caught this over at Kottke: Scott Schuman caught an accidental shot of this girl named Kara about a year apart. In the span of this time, Kara, who was originally not from NY (she’s from the midwest), had been transformed into a chic city girl as shown on the right. The transformation is […]


Carryology has a nice post up of a recent visit to the Barrett Alley shop in Dallas, TX. Barrett Alley goods are hand cut and hand sewn and entirely made in America. Check them out, they’ve got some really great stuff.