Archive: December 11, 2012
Richard Misrach, 7.19.99 8:50 PM, from Golden Gate (Aperture, 2012)

The images here are shot by photographer Richard Misrach of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. But instead of capturing an image of the bridge we’ve all most likely seen, Richard collects images of this bridge in states lesser seen. Beautiful colors and equal attention paid to the bridge as to the sky above and […]


There are countless coffee shops in NYC so having a book write in detail about the 100 best ones in NYC is quite a feat. Should be good holiday gift. Get it here!


Definitely going to be a good time on my flight. This is my favorite magazine.


I want these shearling-lined waxed-canvas 10″ Maine Hunting Shoes from L.L. Bean’s Signature line.