Archive: December 18, 2012

$6500 is a small price to pay for this chandelier made up of 5000 gummy bears. More photos of this awesome thing here.

Humans Are Disgusting! Infographic from Aaron Rogers on Vimeo. Lots of interesting tidbits about the human body here.


Very much like the Nike Vapor Flash that went around the blogosphere earlier this year, the Nike 21st Century Windrunner is all-reflective and sports the official Olympic seal of Team USA. Best of all, it’s on sale right now for just $269.97 (originally $450).

Watching this video is going to make your heart beat faster. HOW THE HELL DID THESE DUCKS EVEN GET HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? The good news is they all live.

The music chosen for this video is the best part. Otherwise, it looks like Pearce Murphy here is perpetually shrugging. Is that his normal stance? This reminds me a bit of the Creepy Cameraman.