Some kung-fu and martial arts movies are bad because they come from a time in Asia when filmmaking wasn’t quite as refined as it is today. Lower production value, less influence from Western films, etc. While the passion to make the film and tell the story has always been there, it sometimes becomes unintentionally cheesy because most of us are used to bigger productions from more well-experienced directors and studios.

And then comes this film, The Man With The Iron Fists, which I think isn’t supposed to be any of those things. I can see how this may be an homage to martial arts films of the past, but c’mon, this isn’t supposed to be a parody! It’s so bad and so unwatchable that I have a hard time believing that Quentin Tarantino had anything to do with this. And sure enough, he didn’t. His name just happens to be on the poster to drive sales. Way to fool the rest of us. A triple thumbs down for this movie. It sucked.

Chime in below if you think otherwise!