This is the 2nd documentary I’ve watch about the Westboro Baptist Church today (the previous one coming from VICE) and I just don’t get it. What drives these people to be so inhumane, so robotic, so unloving, and so delusional about the faith that they swear their entire existence by.

I’ll echo the BBC’s Louis Theroux (the host) here and say that it’s truly bizarre to watch families be so conflicted about losing and banishing family members while on the other hand holding true to the “truths” they live by.

If it wasn’t evident from the VICE story posted earlier, then it definitely is here. This church is losing members and they are scared. They are protecting and brainwashing the young and they are pretending not to care when members find the common sense to leave. Such a puzzling group that feeds on mainstream media while disowning it altogether as well.