Archive: January 2013
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Tina sends over this link of a group of folks who bought a bunch of Tim Tams and then proceeded to build a scale version of the Colosseum. I am dying right now. I want one so bad.


By far one of the most beautiful apps I’ve come across lately is Want by Svpply. It’s confusing at first why this isn’t just a part of the original Svpply iOS app, but until I find out why that is, the Want app is amazing and very addicting. If you’re a heavy user of Svpply, […]


If you’ve read this site for a while, you’ll know at least this: That I love stats on just about anything. I think I just like knowing random stuff about things and this new app I just came across called Sitegeist definitely fills that void in me. The app looks great because it’s designed by […]


I’ve been meaning to write about this simple app for a while, but I’ve been backed up with traveling (not a bad thing I suppose). Anyway, Minimalist Timer is exactly as its name suggests. One giant knob is all you need. No fancy buttons or options. I’ve been using this to cook lately and it’s […]


A super-duper simple weather app for the iPhone. Free! And if you don’t like this LCD look, you can change it to 5 other options as well.

MAMMOTH Reel 2013 from MAMMOTH on Vimeo. All of the places MAMMOTH has traveled to in the past year. Loving the Michael Jackson soundtrack.