Archive: January 2, 2013

Wright’s Law from Zack Conkle on Vimeo. Zack Conkle put together this truly moving short video about a teacher named Mr. Wright who not only loves physics but also loves his students. He’s a special teacher that is rare to come across nowadays — one that truly wants his students to succeed and walk away […]

I had no idea, but apparently propane is heavier than air and even when left to sit in an open space, propane can still exist in concentrated amounts right in front of you and naked to the human eye. That was the unfortunate lesson Hannah Storm experienced when she went to re-ignite her propane grill […]

STORYBOARD: A Day With New York City’s Pothole Repair Crew from Tumblr on Vimeo. I posted about The Daily Pothole back in February of 2011, and since then the crews behind NYC’s pothole-fixing department have been hard at work. Here’s how it all gets done on a daily basis.