Archive: January 6, 2013

The James B. Hunt Library at North Carolina State University houses a collection of about 1.5 million books, almost all of which are hidden behind walls and retrievable by this electronic robot seen her. Pretty nifty. I’d spend more time at the library if my local branch was like this.


Jeannie Huang just posted this delightful 2013 mini calendar that is completely free to download and use! Each month comes fresh with newly illustrated goodness and the best part about it is that it won’t take up much room (they’re about the size of a large postcard). Check it out!

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Just discovered this site called HUGEpic that sort of combines the zoomability of Google Maps (or any mapping program for that matter) with giant images to give you an experience similar to that of the Gigapixl project. Here’s a really weird example.


How many people does this London Underground Tube tent hold? 16! 72 if you don’t mind standing room! And apparently inside this long structure are 5 rooms for the most amazing of camp outtings!!! COOL! [via]

I’m almost certain the UrbanHello home phone isn’t designed with me in mind, which is precisely why I don’t understand any modern homeowner needing this. Most people I know don’t even have a house phone anymore, and if they do it’s because it comes with their cable/internet and they leave the phone unplugged because they […]