Archive: January 15, 2013

This is quite an amazing music video. A good representation of New York.

I mentioned earlier today that Facebook Graph Search looks like it could potentially change the way people use the web. It’s disruptive to normal search engines and for better or worse closed off to other search engine competitors. We know how much data Facebook has on us and until now there was no real useful […]

This Inglewood police pursuit seems to be the police chase that won’t go away. Andy has now synchronized Jason Lee’s real-life meeting with the police pursuit while watching it on TV with the live televised version (which has a 10-second lag for any emergency cut-offs ie: suicide, deadly crash, etc.). Andy’s conclusion is that it […]

This went way over my head. But I’m posting it because I love looking at this vehicle.

Cody!!!! Haha, listen to this hilarious song sung in the style of heavy metal. Haha, thank you Manuel! UPDATE! This song is FREE until midnight January 15th! Get it here!