Archive: January 16, 2013

I used to wonder how people got stuck on train tracks. It seemed like such a hard thing to do, but now I understand why. It nearly happened to me the other day as I crossed train tracks after waiting at a train crossing only to have them immediately come back down after going up. […]

What a delightful little book from Chronicle Books called Open This Little Book that consists of sequentially smaller books page after page. It’s meant as a children’s book but I find myself wanting to own this for myself.

I suspected this was the case, but I never really looked more into it until just now when I saw the video above explaining what those hanging chains underneath trucks and busses are used for. Apparently they are automatic systems that can drop down and provide temporary tire chains for icy and snowy conditions to […]

Coca-Cola continues their campaign to encourage an active lifestyle so we all don’t grow up obese. Here’s their ad previously on obesity.

This is a really long chase. Looks like the spike strips might have gotten a few police cars by accident.