Archive: January 16, 2013

Man, I miss this man. He made learning about animals exciting and unpredictable. His enthusiasm was infectious and frankly, I know more about deadly Australian animals because of him than from any other source. Anyway, watch until the end of this video to witness Steve Irwin taking out a 200 pound python onto the Conan […]

A supercut of every “Oh my god” Scully says in X-Files.

There’s been so much written about this in the past 48 hours that I really think OWN diluted their own show already. Who’s going to tune in live for this interview when they already know that Lance Armstrong has essentially admitted to doping via all those press releases saying that he will probably admit to […]

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How many people since the Newtown shootings have died as a result of guns? Too many according to this Slate interactive chart. Insane. Mind-boggling.