Archive: January 17, 2013

This movie was hell, as you’ll see in this explanation of everything wrong with it.

You already saw how they made the single-take hero shot in The Avengers, now take a look at how ILM made just about everything else. Impressive work and definitely realistic looking.

Werner Herzog has a film called Happy People that follows a year in the life of a group of people living in the village of Bakhta along the Yenisei River in Siberian Taiga. Secluded, simple, and utterly fascinating — this is a film I can’t wait to watch!

Still waiting for that interview which aired tonight to be posted to YouTube. For now, here’s Oprah talking to CBS about the interview before it aired.

Man, this song brings back so many good memories from the early 2000s. Fantastic video lookbook for DOUBLE DOG.