Archive: January 19, 2013

Don’t stop at the video above. Check out this kid’s entire YouTube channel where he reviews other foods and drinks that normally don’t need reviewing.

Wu Healing / A Tea Ceremony from Caleb Vinson on Vimeo. Watching this video made me just want to drink all sorts of Chinese teas to regulate my health and body. Really nice video from Caleb Vinson.

moving objects | nº 502 – 519 from pe lang on Vimeo. This installation piece inherits an almost unreal quality as magnetic poles get switched back and forth to attract a freely floating metal disc. Slow-motion of sorts, but in real-time.

pe lang – moving objects | nº 692 – 803 from pe lang on Vimeo. Whoa, mesmerizing! A bunch of small rings hooked rather freely onto moving lines.