After watching that video from The New York Times about American Evangelicals porting over their anti-gay beliefs to Uganda, I just couldn’t help but wonder if these Christians were experiencing what I can only describe as White People Saving Africa. They are, after all, mostly white in Evangelical Christian circles who are engaging in spreading this anti-gay message across the ocean. Are they somehow able to get away with it rather undetected because what they claim to be doing is saving Africa from itself?  After all, how would we know that everyone in Africa was poor, impoverished, and bone-skinny — an obvious and perpetually spreading stereotype of an entire nation — without Westerners showing us that they are in fact like this by going to the poorest places in African and labeling the entire country as so.

Which in turn has led me here to this website called I Studied Abroad In Africa which somewhat echoes the thoughts (albeit more cruedly) of Uzodinma Iweala in this Washington Post article about the weird way in which Westerners balance out their well-to-do lives with real-life-suffering by often going to or contributing efforts to save Africa.

Which brings me back to my original point. Are these Evangelical Christians able to get away with this work because of the traditional way we think of Westerners/Christians coming to the aid of African nations? I think we should help, but not because we think our ideologies would fit into another culture’s so easily.