Archive: February 3, 2013

Coming out this Spring, Ben & Jerry’s is releasing a lemon and blueberry flavor infused Greek yogurt inspired by the 30 Rock character Liz Lemon. A nice way to remember a fantastic show.

Descending Tuna Canyon – Ritte from Ritte Racing on Vimeo. Ritte riders Spencer and Stratton doa bit of downhill cruising in this video showing the two riders going down Tuna Canyon. [via]

Cool Hunting Videos Presents: Aether SF from Cool Hunting on Vimeo. Such a nice looking store designed out of shipping containers.

Jay Leno looks at how Complete Coach Works retrofits an old gasoline bus into an efficient all-electric vehicle that can charge in 4 hours and run an entire day’s shift without needing to recharge. Impressive. Some of these are on the road now and they can save cities lots of money on buying a completely […]

This is clever marketing by Smart because while this steel cage can hold up to 3 tons, the force of a 3-ton vehicle hitting you at high speeds is going to no doubt crush this Smart car. It looks great stationary, but in practice, it’s still smarter to go big.