Archive: February 4, 2013

Google Voice Search is so much faster and smarter than Siri. I gladly gave up the iOS integration of Siri over actual usefulness of spoken searches. So glad this is available FOR FREE!

Depth Analysis, the Australian tech firm that supplied the motion-tracking technology used by Team Bondi in LA Noire, has put together this video of actual bloopers during the recording of the voiceovers for the characters in the video game. This new technology sure is offering some new forms of side entertainment!

Friendly biting incident I suppose. Here’s the full story from the video description: LA MESA – February 4, 2013 – INFORMATION FROM RADIO TRAFFIC/MY OWN ACCOUNT: A police Sergeant is in the hospital tonight after a police K9 attacked him and bit him in the arm during an incident La Mesa PD was working around […]

This video is related to the post I made earlier about how domestic felines are deadly creatures.


Confirmed working untethered jailbreak. Cydia is a bit bogged down at the moment with everyone trying to connect to it at once because of this new jailbreak, but other than that, this works swell.