This is about 3 years overdue, but finally, it looks like the folks behind the hugely popular Fashion’s Night Out — an event first realized in 2009 to help bolster retailers during the height of the recession — have come to their senses and are suspending this year’s FNO and all FNO’s in the US indefinitely.

The last couple of years has seen FNO unfold into sheer chaos on city streets in NYC where the event finds it’s original roots. Retailers were holding special events for no apparent reason except to draw crowds that turned SoHo into a riot zone (I could easily argue that over the last few years, FNO was more about the celebrity appearances than about actually selling stuff to get into the black). Sure, the economy isn’t 100% back to normal, but it’s doing better than in 2009. And well, we should be glad that we don’t need FNO to get people to shop anymore, right?