Want to see what the Brooklyn waterfront might look like in a couple of years? Two Trees has unveiled the first renderings of the development intended to be built on top of the Domino Sugar Refinery site. The architecture firm in charge of this project is SHoP Architects and their plan includes a school, office buildings, a shopping center, and plenty of open space to enjoy the view of Manhattan across the river.

There’s lots of stuff being thrown around at this early stage, including a part of the project that reuses portions of the old Domino Sugar plant to build Brooklyn’s own version of The High Line (I mean, who doesn’t want to emulate the success of that project, right?).

So when is this all going to start? Well, pending final approval of, well, everything outlined, expect this area to be heavily occupied with machinery by as early as 2014.

Full renders and plans inside.

domino-sugar-new-development-renderings-05 domino-sugar-new-development-renderings-03 domino-sugar-new-development-renderings-01